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Let our Dallas law firm fight your negligence personal injury case for you. Dallas personal injury lawyer Dan Street and his associates have more than 25 years of experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, including cases involving negligence.

Definition Of Negligence And Personal Injury

The "lack of ordinary care" is the general definition of negligence relating to personal injury law. The "lack of ordinary care" is the lack of the kind of care a reasonably prudent and careful person would exercise under the circumstances, thereby causing damage to an individual. If one's conduct in a given circumstance doesn't measure up to this standard, then that person was negligent.

Negligence Facts

It is possible to be partially negligent. In most cases it is not necessary to prove all charges of negligence. Even in partial negligence a party can be held liable.

One is not responsible for anticipating someone else's negligence. It is assumed that a party is not going to act negligently, therefore that party is required to act reasonably and prudently.

Negligence is never presumed. Negligence must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence before a plaintiff is entitled to recover. No presumption that the defendant was negligent arises from the mere fact that an accident occurred.

If two or more parties are negligent, and their negligence combines to cause injury, a jury must determine their relative degrees of fault. This enables damages to be apportioned. Even if one plaintiff has settled with the defendant, it has no bearing on the verdict.

Negligence cases are very complicated. You should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to protect your rights.

Negligence And The Law

A person is considered negligent if he or she violates a statute or regulation that has been enacted for people's safety. The violation of a statute or regulation is negligence as a matter of law.

Negligence And Conduct

A person is considered negligent if their intentional, reckless, willful or wanton conduct causes an injury.

Intentional conduct is when a person undertakes a conscious objective or purpose with a knowing desire.

Reckless conduct reflects a knowing disregard of a substantial and unjustifiable risk. In other words, reckless conduct amounts to an attitude of "I don't care". Recklessness occurs when a person performs an act so unreasonable and dangerous that a reasonably prudent and carefull person should know that harm will probably be a result of the action.

Willful conduct indicates an intent, or a conscious decision, to disregard the rights of others. Willfulness is a conscious choice to ignore consequences when it is reasonably apparent that someone will probably be harmed.

Wanton conduct occurs when a person, though not intending to cause harm, does something so unreasonable and so dangerous that the person either knows or should know that harm will probably result. It reflects an "I don't care" attitude.

Malice is the intent to commit a wrongful act without justification for doing so. Punitive damages are no longer awardable for gross negligence, reckless conduct, or willful or wanton conduct, but only for conduct involving "malice."

Negligence Of Others

If you have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence, or partial negligence, of others, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. However, negligence can be a very complicated subject. You should contact a personal injury lawyer experienced in negligence cases.

Dallas personal injury lawyer Dan Street has fought negligence for 20 years. Contact the STREET LAW FIRM today to fight your negligence personal injury case for you.

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